Sunday, 9 September 2012

Yellowstone - the one and only...

I have been fortunate to have visited this weird and wonderful national park before so I was really looking forward to watching a first time visitor (Grant) see the magic of this park.

A bit of background - Yellowstone is the worlds first National Park (founded 140 years ago). It is one of the worlds few super volcanoes and is an absolute hot spot geothermal activity containing around half the worlds bubbles of fun - Geysers - which come in all shapes and sizes. So many photos but will try and limit it it to just a few.

Artists Paint Pots:

Ignore the pose - look at all that fun down there!
Ignore the short t-shirt - look at those mud bubbles!

Norris Geyser Basin:

Steam Boat Geyser
Feels like Mars...
Heat loving thermaphiles create these colours

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone:

Pretty breathtaking way to start your day
Morning exercise - so many stairs!
But stairs worth it to see this!


Bison - just before it rolled on the ground to give itself a good itch
Roaming herd of Bison
I want a purse chipmunk...

Mammoth Hot Springs:


Old Faithfull area:

The breakfast view
Impressive Old Faithful Lodge
And here is the old girl in all her faithful glory
Another geyser exploded whilst we are waiting for Old Faithful
BMX Bandit
Grants favourite Geyser - "Morning Glory"
My favourite "Sapphire Pool" - if only it wouldn't scold you to death

As you can see an absolute sensory overload (especially with all those lovely sulphar smells) and a must on the bucket list. Are absolutely buggered after all our sightseeing (think it might also have something to do with the altitude - most parts are above 2,275m - really takes it out of you) - its hard - but some one has to do it - so we are off to the Grand Tetons for a "Rest Day" as they have become know.


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