Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Land of the Potato - Idaho!

After a night of line dancing in Jackson (Grant quite the pro!) we dusted off our dusty bones and brains and headed for a bike ride before we jumped in Sheila and headed to Idaho. Stumbled on the Wildlife Museum from the road which was quite amazing.  

Great architecture - hidden in the mountains
Hello - what do we have here?
As we leave Wyoming over to Idaho we notice a lot of the trees changing colour - really beautiful! Arrive at a great campsite where we have a roaring fire and a roaring red!

Can see over yonder the trees turning
Just as I snapped this picture Grant was disturbed by a chipmunk rustling. Glad to know I have a warrior. Look at the fear in that face!
Glad the ranger didn't catch us with this fire. All the dont's. Grant still looking out for those chipmunks!
Food preparation campfire style.
Next morning we head off in search of the Sawtooth Scenic highway. And we found. On the way we came across the Craters of The Moon NP. Very cool. Lava flows and big caves. Last eruption only 2000 years ago so relatively 'new'.

Cinder Cone
Collapsed Lava Tube
Hot Magma... Hmmmm
Lava cave climbing
Grant is in there somewhere
And then it was up through Sawtooth Highway. Passing Sun Valley (USA first ski slope and where Hemingway shot himself). Close by was Ketchum where Grant wouldn't let me stop due to potential credit card damage - great place for those people that don't want to ski all the time and appreciate good shopping and eating/drinking. Quite a few Hollywooders appear here apparently. Beautiful drive and a magic camp spot at Redfish Lake. Maybe the best one we have come across so far. It's quite the feat to find the perfect spot we have realised.

A pass on Sawtooth Highway
Imagine having a ranch here!
What a spot hey...
Beer with a view
Then it was off to the capital of ID, Boise. A cool forward thinking city with an awesome food and grog scene best exemplified by our experience at the Red Feather. Awesome food. Awesome beer with over 50 beers on tap. We had the pork belly and a bacon and Hollumi pizza. Tick. We followed on to a place called Reef nightclub where Jas hooked into about 4 cocktails too many and had to be led home smiling and laughing that "she felt a little drunks". A memorable night regardless. Boise is a cool town not far from the middle of no where.


Mai Thai at Reef

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