Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Wild Oregon Coast

Very excited to reach the Oregan Coast after being away from the surf and sand for over 6 weeks. Doesn't sound long but for us beach dwellers it felt like an eternity. Spent a lovely night at Devils Lake State Park which was just out of Lincoln City.

Sunset at Devils Lake
Then we head on south through some lovely seaside towns (can't believe how untouched this coast is) and some rugged coast. The awesome 101 highway gets so close to the sea you can almost touch it!

This was taken out the window while we were driving - amazing views
Kelp tossed out of the sea
Of course we needed to stop for the obligatory fish and chips. After some google research we really did find the best F&C on the coast.

Fresh Halibut!
After all that oil we needed to retire early to a beach campground just north of Florence. Blissful evening spend sand wandering and reading my 7th novel.

Expanses of sand perfect for cartwheels. If only I was skilled at this area.
Found ourselves a beach hut from all that ruggedness
Grant and I have packed on a few kg's so intensive training session was required on the beach the next morning. I can't believe I am doing couple exercise - something I am not keen on - you can imagine how it goes with boss Wearin. Rolled on out and had another amazing day of scenery. Wow.

View from Cape Pepetua. If you visit the Oregon Coast - this is the one vista stop you have to make
A little tentative...
Not sure if this counts as planking
A beautiful serene walk through the start of the redwoods/sequoias
Yes this is how I get around now. Goodbye heels, hello Lycra and far too sturdy boots. This is for you Mum and Sash.
Spot our first Sea Lion - look out for the small speck in the water - ha!
And here they are doing what they are best at - baking
This cave is where they will be heading in a few weeks once it gets cooler and the surf becomes really wild
After an intensive workout, hike, sea lion spotting and a few miles in Sheila the day ends with twilight golf at a rundown links course in Florence
I know I a really waffling on here so am trying to wrap this up (just so many beautiful things to share you see). Last day on the Oregonian Coast was rather special. Amazing rock stacks along the coast, sunny pit stop for lunch, picking up fresh oysters and a glass of wine (or bottle) to say goodbye to the sun. check it out.

To surf or not to surf. No friends, freezing water - it was a no.
Just another day in paradise.
Those specks are stand up paddlers. You wouldn't dare swim - water at 12c
What a highway hey
Lunch stop off. All to ourselves.
No shucked ones left so GW required a quick lesson. Will we have oysters???
All smiles on Sunset Beach before the shucking adventure begins
And we have success. Am quite impressed considering he was using a pocket knife that keep threatening to fold back on his wrist.
All done. Still have another 2 dozen in the fridge over so I am coping.
Goodnight Oregon - you are quite the spot.
Next stop Cali Coast. Can't believe we are down here already. This trip is going too fast!!!

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  1. Those Oysters look incredible. Great photos Jaz and terrific adventures. I'm impressed with the shucking skills of G. You're both looking terrific and having such a great time. I love getting your updates and seeing how you're tracking. Lots of Love, Jx