Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Giant Redwoods

Oops - forgot to send this post off!

This is a very brief post but had to share with you this magic spot on the Northern Californian Coast - The Redwood National Park. It's like nothing you have ever seen and reminds you that Mother Nature is really boss. We did a 16km walk here and so far has been the best hike on the trip. You will see why...

Driving into the wise ones.
Our first Redwood we come across - wow!
Not much sun gets to the bottom because of the giants but we did find this little slither.
Fern Canyon. This is where a scene from Jurassic Park was filmed
Grant struggling with the creek crossing while I just stomped past him in my hiking boots. Determined to wear his holey no soul shoes everywhere.
Halfway point - Northern Californian Coast. Wild.
That's me - the little ant!
Lighting Strike.
A Redwood Feast.
Grant wanted to pose like this to emulate the wisdom of the tree - hmmmm
One of our favourite places so far. Could spend days here just in amazement. Thank you Redwoods.

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