Thursday, 6 September 2012

Lussier Hot Springs and Waterton-Glacier NP

After departing our luxury couple of days at Panaroma Village we were eager to reacquaint ourselves with Sheila and the open road. First stop was Lussier Hot Springs where we bathed in very warm natural springs right beside a very cold river which Grant was brave enough to emerge himself in.


That night we managed to grab this amazing camp spot...


But don't always be mislead by beauty! Within 5 minutes of being there Grant came face to face with a black bear which was NOT scared of humans so required a bit of arm waving and talking to. We realised we were surrounded in berry bushes and even the park ranger came around and warned us to stay vigilant and close to the van. They closed the park the next day because there were just too many bears around. We were literally sitting there later in the arvo and they were up the trees and rusting around in the bushes. We are trying not to let them scare us but bloody hell they are big!

Didn't even have to move from the camp seat to get this snap

After waking up to a beautiful morning at this campsite we headed south to Waterton Lake National Park. Right on the border of the USA and absolutely pristine. Spent an afternoon lazing on the rocks looking at this vista.

First Bison sighting
Red Canyon
Waterton Lakes
The amazing Prince of Wales perched on the edge of the lake

Returned back to a weird little campsite outside of Glacier and managed to get a few km's busted out and the usual exercises up and running. Finding it very difficult to keep those kg's off with the bottles of wine at night, Oreos, ribs and burgers!! (GW of course manages to maintain his pristine glacier like physique, bloody high male metabolisms! P.S I didn't write this - someone has tampered with my blog!)


Headed back into the USA today which we were most excited about. Within minutes of heading into Montana we came along these wild beasts - beautiful!


Although we were even more surprised when we entered Glacier National Park and managed to capture a Grizzly within the first 5 minutes! Massive beings and a real treat to see in the wild like this. Apparently this park has over 400 resident grizzles which is the most collectively in any US NP. Hence we were a little dubious about hiking.

This was the vista just before we meet Grizzles
This is the view from the Many Glaciers Lodge

We did manage to get over our fear though and head up on the Going To The Sun Road which is just breathtaking and quite the piece of engineering! Didn't take Sheila on this one because the park offered free shuttles up and down which was far more relaxing. Managed a quick hike up at Logan's Pass in the alpine zone. At the very spot where a 19 year old hiker recently went missing after setting out on a loan morning hike (suspected he was taken by a grizzly and about as common an occurrence in Glacier NP as a WA shark munching!)

Everyone a little wary of the step edge
There was a wild fire that broke out earlier that morning so was a bit hazy
Hidden Lake
Amazing windflowers everywhere

Loving these amazing National Parks but looking forward to some civilised action when we head into Whitefish tomorrow!



  1. That scenery is spectacular!! You're looking good Minda and have nothing to worry about. I can't believe how many grizzlies you're seeing. Would be so fantastic to see them in their natural habitat...from a safe distance of course!! hehehe.
    Love to you and Wearin. Jx

  2. Wow. That's close enough to the bears. Thrilling to have that experience.Good to know you're keeping so fit.
    Big news on the house front. Signed contract on a duplex 2 ks outof
    Springwood village.
    Also at friends country property this weekend saw twin calves born.The female is called Monica!
    Love ya both.

  3. Why didn't Grant wrestle the bear. Chivalry is dead.

  4. Please tell me where you camped?- the amazing campground.