Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Tetons and Jackson - yee haa

After our exhaustive few days in Yellowstone we were keen for some rest days so were very grateful when we found a lovely campground and this beach in the beautiful Grand Teton National Park (French translation: Large Breasts. Grant excited). We spent the day bike riding around, reading papers and magazines and sun bathing in front of the large girls.

Started on this monster puzzle- its all about the Pre sorting. Such nerds.
After feeling rested and rejuvenated we headed to Jackson, Wyoming which we were most excited about! Jackson is quite the classy place were cowboys and far too wealthy people mix in harmony. Wooden sidewalks, amazing gallery's and shopping and great bars - I got to sit in a saddle at the bar!

Leaving the Tetons
Jackson Town
Where saddles are the bar stool. We may have also line danced. Shhh.
Antler Arches in the town square park
Snake River Brewing Company. Good beer!
Though Jackson was fun, it was also pretty expensive and a little touristy so we thought we would check out Jackson Hole/ Teton Village which is a serious ski mountain. Serious elevation gain from base of village and the longest and blackest runs I have ever seen. Thankfully it is summer over here so we did not need to prove ourselves here. We did however prove our livers. Not sure what happened but we happened to stumble on the closing night of the deck bar on top of the mountain. This involved half price drinks and a great live band. A real stroke of luck and very memorable.

Rocking band
Mixing with the real folk
Tried to stay as long as possible to soak up that view - but very chilly
View from the lift coming back down
We could have left it there for the evening but we were so amped up on life we decided to cook a curry and down a red and then ended up in Mangey Moose (what an enticing bar name hey) and ended up meeting a Romanian and Yank who accompanied us back to the van to indulge in more vino. Result - worst hangover in many many years. Grant was worse than pathetic and I was very moody. Very. We did however manage to revive ourselves a little when we found 'The Bird'. Not kidding the best burger and ice cream we have ever had. Also happened to be a very funny menu. So funny it is worth googling this restuarant in Jackson and reading the menu etc.

Having survived worst hangover ever day we are gearing ourselves up for the drive to Riverton to see an old family friend who's BF is competing in College Rodeo - yee haa!

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