Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Golfing - septic tank style

Note - this has been in the blogs drafts for a while now so you will have to excuse if it is a little out of date - but well worth sharing!

I have been playing some amazing courses both in Canada and the US. They take golf course architecture and the whole golfing experience to another level. From dropping your bag off with a golf club bellboy as you arrive to having your clubs and shoes cleaned before your round to the drinks cart which drops you off another cold corona every third hole should you require it. Even the course marshals jump into the bushes for you to search for your lost ball (I don't lose them but I saw plenty of other blokes holler for the marshal). Many of the courses ive played to date are cross country ski tracks for 6 months of the year so the greenkeepers do one hell of a job. I am yet to see a single patch of brown grass.

Quite simply, golf paradise with turbo charged hospitality.

Greywolf, Panorama Mountain Village, Invermere, BC, Canada: The best course I've ever played. A resort style course carved into a mountainside and only open 5-6 months of the year. A long and narrow track that has one numerous golf design awards as well as being voted Canada's #2 golf course in 2011. For a few hundred bucks we stayed in the resort accommodation for a night and had unlimited and relatively uncrowded golf (though the two fatties in front of me were quite possibly the worst and most over geared golfers I've ever seen, yep Rez, you included).

Jas asked me to include these next two pics - incredible log homes over here.
The signature hole a 200 yard par 3 monster over a canyon and onto one of those island greens I've always dreamt of playing. Hit the green, thank you, but a small mistake with my putter cost me par, so a 4 it was. Awesome hole. The fatties lost 3 balls each.


Long Beach, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada: enjoyable and narrow 9 holes in pristine condition. Is a local Bear rule as the black bears pinch your balls. Makes the crows back home seem a welcome pest.

Whitefish Lake Golf Club, Montana, USA: 36 hole monster, initially constructed under FDR's "new deal" funding arrangement by a bunch of enterprising locals who loved golf and reasoned that they'd get a golf course built for nothing from government money if they said it was an emergency airstrip. And so the North Course was born. Solid and long (6898 yards) country club style course without a blade of grass out of place and circling the pristine whitefish lake at the base of a ski resort aptly named Big Mountain. Jas and I enjoyed the best meal of our trip so far in the clubhouse after an impressive 88 from yours truly. A bottle of Wilamette Valley Pinot and a few ribs and steak later, we left enchanted for another night in our trusty Sheila.


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