Sunday, 16 September 2012

Riverton, Rodeos and Retail Therapy.

Wake up early to head to Riverton and see this red sun come up over the mountains. Reason being is that unfortunately it has been a really dry summer so there are wild fires everywhere. The firies over here really have their work cut out for them - can't believe how many fires we have seen.

Beautiful drive which leads us to a very dry Wyoming town called Riverton. Not on the usual tourist hotlist but the reason we were here is to meet an old Family friend who's BF was competing in the College Rodeo which happens over consecutive 5 weeks and involves long drives to different dusty towns. Being my first rodeo I was enthraled by every image - hence why there are a few pics here!


Opening night - there is that sun again trying to get through the smoke
The way a flag should be flown!
He got loose - what a beast!
Pony Porn - I want one!
Saddle Bronc
Eat my dust peasant
Poor A & C had to answer our 101 questions on rodeos - thanks guys!

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided to stay another day - not before we hit up Boot Barn for some Western Retail Therapy! Not sure if we will ever wear it at home but just couldn't resist...


Before there was any dust flying, I managed to get a few snaps without people getting offended. Do you feel the spirit??

Then off we go again...

Steer roping. Grant tried to fool me by saying that their horns were tied on... I can't believe I believed it for a minute.
Buckin Bronco!
Barrel Racing - this is A's forte but unfortunately she has to wait until next year to compete
Bull riding. Seriously scary beasts.
Those guys on the left are the 'bull hypnotic artists' which have to deter the bull from going after the rider after they buck them off!
After our dose of dirt, bucking broncos, and sparkly belt buckles,we bid farewell to our mates and head back to Jackson because we have decided to change our route! Can you believe I am detouring off my itinerary? Yep - travelling must be good for me. Oh and it's starting to get chilly so we thought maybe heading over to the West Coast may be a bit warmer than keep trekking down the Rockies.

Drive back was another smokey one but was worth it for another drink in the Jackson Saddle!

Tomorrow we head over through Idaho - then land of the Potato!


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