Friday, 3 August 2012

Our bloke delivers

Wow. I was standing at the back of a Volvo with such unique body work that it had to be a repaired write off. Loaded with a trolley full of groceries i was waiting for my rv buyer to return with my cash for the rv. I'd seen the rv though he had the keys and our cash, and despite his reassurance that "everdings gnna beee ok yourrr gunna have da time of ya life man" it was a classic drug style deal waiting to go wrong. I centered myself. Steady breathing. Inhale exhale, inhale exhale. At least I'd have a shitload of camping food to feast on before I went out backwards with a fat man who appeared part badger, part comanchero (who'd already tried to make me fire his smith and western "my two best friends in the world" ....ha ha ha in an enlarged Yankee accent) scurrying off into the distance with our hard earned beans.

Never distrust a stranger in a hospitable country friends. The badgerchero delivered. As a man of commerce I was highly qualified in scepticism. Every part of it had to be thrown out the door to see through this transaction and in doing so against every cell in my body we couldn't be happier with what we've done.

Here's what we own - a Jayco Eagle who goes by the name of Sheila


And here is where we have been camping with it:


Here are the highlights so far: 1. Without question - the badgerchero's hospitality and stories. Think Ray Wearin at a wedding but on steroids.

Don taking me for a boon in his clk500


2. The EMP in Seattle no question the best ACDC memorabilia display in the world. One of Angus' devil suits he wore in a concert wouldn't have even fit my youngest brother in law. It was tiny. Then there were love letters written by Bon Scott to one of his (many) girlfriends before his death and not to mention the Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix shrines without doubt the best collections of their type. A fascinating museum and for me shits all over pretending to be interested in post modernism at the meuseums of lillies, watercolour and drug snobs littered throughout australian and european capital cities.



3. Toulouse Petit in Seattle - a US/French restaurant that will blow you away with local seafood in entree sized servings for about 5 bucks a dish. There was not and empty table on a Monday night.

4. Hitting open road in a Motorhome with a return ticket in 2013 your only responsibility.

Surfs on: Westport, WA. Photos of me with my twinnie. Good enough waves but freezing water only lasted about an hour in my 2/3m steamer and a pair of reef booties. Guessing it was 14 degrees and about 2-3 ft.



Next stop Vancouver Island, BC Canada. Stay tuned.


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  1. Posts are great. Almost like being there.
    What a ball.
    Can only access you in the library not from my emails! Thats why you get all my comments at once. Still it's great to share them with you. Love you. Mum