Monday, 6 August 2012

Olympic National Park

Quinalt: surreal rainforest laden with spruce, hemlock, fir and cedar trees. Some over 100m in height and 20m in circumference (2 pie r baby!) 25km of trekking today, exhausted but satisfied. Two hikes, one a very difficult (steep) 7 miler called Colonel bob the other a loop around rainforest next to quinalt lake lon the south west corner of Olympic national park. Simply breathtaking. Camera ran outta juice but we managed one snap of jas riding up Colonel Bob and some photos in the iPhone of the Sol Duc Falls and La Push (yes home of Jacob from twilight Jaz informs me)




Campsites are first class with your own open fire and BBQ, picnic table and complete privacy from other revellers (note cask wine - yes - going there!)


Getting the hang of the rv thing now. Had to pull into an rv centre and have him show me where the waste water ("grey water") comes out after pulling what I thought was it only to be covered in 3L of sewage ("black water"). Classic friendly yank just smiled and laughed when I told him what happened. Didn't charge me only instructed me to "haveyaselfanicetripyahear". Had another fine American couple invite us for dinner to their house in only her second breath of air after meeting us along one of the hiking trails. Unbelievably hospitable people.


Jaz reading up on Jayco manual - not that simple!

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  1. Looks like a great van.
    You both look so relaxed.
    Love Mum