Sunday, 12 August 2012

Victoria to Tofinio

Vancouver Island - loving it! Left Victoria and headed along the Southern Coast which took us past to Sooke Potholes. Grant indulges in a dip - I passed - bloody cold!


We then landed ourselves here for a night which I really don't think gets better than this. Literally right of the Juan De Fuca with the below view and the company of Mal and Joy who were beside us in a 35ft Palace who treated us to a crackling fire, home grown red wine (which left our heads a bit of a sore one the next morning) and some good stories!


The next night was spent at China Beach where we discovered this beach (with all the bear and cougar warnings - tad wary I have to tell you!) where we basked in the sun and then enjoyed an afternoon of reading and starting the task of this puzzle - I know - such nerds - but otherwise we get too carried away on our red wine cask! We then headed to Cowichan Lake where we tubed down the Cowichan Lake (resulting in some very burnt limbs) and then off to Averill Creek Vineyards where we indulged in a bottle of white and this view!


Didn't manage to find a campground this night so spent out first night on the streets - went pretty well actually except for the drunkards at 12am and the town hall toling it's bells every hour - oh and the fact we spent 4 hours in a pub (Craig Street Brew Pub - biggest nachos and blueberry pie i have ever seen) because we didn't want to return to the van which resulted in a very restless sleep and being extremely hungover the next day - but that didn't last long because before we knew it we were on the road to Tofino which really is breathtaking - take a look...


Again - having problems finding a camp spot in Tofino and not willing to pay $56 for a RV site but happened to run into a lovely lady who happened to work with my bro in Banff a few weeks ago (small bloody world) who pointed us in this direction - a car park but with this view!


Tomorrow I am off on a 6 hour boat tour to Macquinna Marine Provincial Park where I will be indulging in some very remote hotsprings (can only get there by boat) and maybe even see a whale or two! Wearin on the other hand is off to play his first round of golf.


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