Monday, 13 August 2012

Hot Springs, Seals and Whales!

What a day - headed out early this morning on a boat full of Germans and one old skipper at the helm. On our way to the Maquinna Hot Springs we saw some Seals, Eagles and some amazing scenery - here are a few pics:


Once we pulled up I had a 2km hike along a lovely boardwalk through lush forest to get to Hot Springs. Not sure why they engrave all the names and sayings along the way but there was some interesting things along there!


Quite a bit of that happening we have discovered - ah BC


Then I came to this. 50 degree water coming from a crack in the earth. Lovely soak I had! When it all gets to much you just plop yourself in the ocean. Natures best creation!

This is where the water first pops up. Too hot up here to even put your foot in.



Then it was back to the boat and heading back to Tofino - but not before seeing some grey whales - not the best pic - but there was three of them swimming in the kelp and we must have only been 15m away - so beautiful!

Selfie just to prove I was here!

So now we are off for a cold beer and some Mexican - seems standard on this trip! Tomorrow we are off to Campbell River (further North up the Coast of Vancouver Island) to do some Salmon Fishing and then its back in a ferry to get over to Vancouver. Finally starting to relax - only taken two weeks. Grant is well on the way so know need to worry there.

Jaz x

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  1. It looks like a wonderful trip. Glad you're safe and well and having a ball. xx