Monday, 30 July 2012

The Farewell and the Purchase

Well hello peeps! Just sitting in the lounge room of Green Tortoise Hostel in Seattle after having the most amazing dinner (oysters, crab, pork belly, terrine and prawns all for $25 - got to love the States!) and of course a few margaritas at Toulouse Petit after our long flight today - yuck! This is how we rolled....


We have some good news - we have bought our RV (a Jayco 23ft) which we get to pick up on Wednesday - very exciting. Will be sure to post some pics soon.

Just a shout out to thank those that came and helped us with the farewell on Saturday - was such a fabbo afternoon. Have included some pics below:


Well folks we are extremely jet lagged and a little bit pissed so we are off to bed but will report in soon with pics of the new van and what we have been up to in our first week.

Love to all,

Jaz & Grant


  1. Glad you got there safely. Have a HUGE Margarita for me!! Lucky Buggers!!! Jx

  2. Hi Kids.
    Happy about your safe arrival.
    Can't wait to see R V pics.
    Loved the party Photos and sorry to have missed the action.
    Mum x

  3. Your blog is very good . I did one but its crap .We were thinking of you just now as we sat down by the mighty Menong river . Vietnam tomorrow . Cambodia was interesting.
    Tell fat boy Gday,
    Stay safe