Friday, 17 August 2012

Fishing in Campbell River

Grant was determined to get up to Campbell River to catch him some salmon. Having never fished before and thinking it was a boring sport - I was skeptical - but I was proved wrong!

We found our charter through Painters Lodge - an amazing spot to fish and relax if you had more time.

Then it was on a "Whaler" and out with our skipper Mike.


My line started to twitch straight away and Mike was right on it - I couldn't believe we were getting so lucky so quickly! But as you can see it was just a Dog Shark which seem to get caught up in the lure (we managed to snag three of them!).

But it wasn't long before Grant was reeling in the Catch of the Day - a Halibut! A very odd fish that swims on the bottom of the sea so is very flat but is white flesh and very nice eating. Apparently they don't catch too many of these so said we were lucky.


Feeling amped up after our catch we were ready to reel them in! Within the next hour we pulled up Two more dog sharks, some little fish and I reeled in the Chinook Salmon which are the fish you are supposed to catch around this area but had to throw back because it was a few inches short (even though it was over 70cm - they are massive fish!). It was then three hours of sitting back and waiting... Not that I was complaining - amazing scenery!


Sitting on the treasure - couldn't get him off it!
Amazing day - especially coming home with this!

Not proud at all..

Since then we have caught the ferry over from Nanaimo, Vancouver Island over to Vancouver and are now in beautiful Whistler. Currently sitting here with a glass of wine waiting for Grant to finish playing 18 holes. It's terrible.



I spent day riding around the lakes



  1. Jaz - those waders are sooo fetching!!!! Looks like a great day. Painters Lodge is very pretty. How are you enjoying Sheila? Jx

  2. Wow. You are sure taking every opportunity. Great.
    All that experience on the wharf at tea gardens with Dad untangeling the lines has paid off big time Grant.
    Golf hasn't tempted you Jas?
    Riding around that beautiful spot looks awesome.
    I'll be checking the leg muscles when you get back!
    Love mum