Sunday, 19 August 2012

Wet the Whistler

3 hour drive from Vancouver to Whistler quite special as you wind along the ocean side of Vancouver and north into towering granite mountains, one of them aptly named The Chief - a 600m shear granite face setting the tone of outdoor adventure.

Whistler had it all: outdoor extreme sports at Crankworx an annual mountain biking event covering downhill racing, dirt jumping, rock hopping and general face grazing; wildlife a large black bear came right in for a sniff of my other girl, Sheila, as well as many other foreign and local wildlife misbehaving on their weekend jaunts from Vancouver and other southern hemisphere countries; cheese rolling competition down one of the ski runs for some minimum wage facing Aussie to win a free season ski pass.

These guys are crazy - we saw some great stacks of here
These were just a bunch on young guys messing around - but impressive
No seats for these guys - which you can imagine is necessary when one rock jumps
Cheese rolling - worth it for the over 1k annual ski pass
There was also one for best dressed...
Golf at Nicklaus North. Here is me looking pleased with my round of 86 on a fairly narrow course sight unseen. Might have been the free "swing lube" (to quote my Yankee playing partners) provided to me by my American pals Chuck, Chuck and Mate.


The gastronomical highlight was undoubtedly our afternoon tea at the peak of Blackcomb after taking the worlds longest continuous gondola from the whistler peak. Here we are downing a selection of cheeses and cold cuts and what looks to be our 2nd bottle of Riesling. A really fun afternoon of summer chairlift hopping around the largest and most expansive ski resorts we've ever seen.

Lift up to the highest point
View back to the village
Peak to Peak
Jaz feeding birds at the top of Blackcomb
Whistler, the whistle is wet and we will see you one winter!


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