Friday, 12 October 2012

San Francisco to the city of Angeles - Part 1

Ok so this is my third attempt at this post because I keep loosing it - aarrrgghh! So excuse me if it is abrupt.

After checking out Stamford University (amazing city of its own that all looks brand new and full of very intelligent motivated people) we head back over to the coast to Half Moon Bay. As sometimes happens on travels - you get lucky. We happened to come across the world biggest pumpkin which the village celebrates running up to Halloween. Look at these beasts!

Here they come...
The biggest three of the day on their lifts.
Perhaps this melon could have been in for a running?
After all that running some clam chowder, fish tacos and a beer was needed at the Half Moon Bay Brewery.

Then it was the drive to Santa Cruz where we of course see some vistas and a lot of pumpkins, artichokes, strawberries and cauliflower farms right by the ocean!

Cruising with the Crows
All to ourselves
Here comes the start to the surf!
Just north of Santa Cruz
Spent two nights in Santa Cruz, which is a very laid back town but definitely has a grittiness to it. I managed to get very sick with a flu which lasted for a week so there is some lack of photos because I was flat on my back. Not fun.

Sea lions right below the Santa Cruz boardwalk.
The view from our campsite - magic beach.
Now it's a bit of a blur until we get to Santa Barbara but I know we went through the beautiful Carmel which had the most lovely village and definite holiday houses to rent one day.

I do also remember the beautiful Big Sur which Is the piece of the coastline that runs from Carmel down to Santa Barbara. Was a wet couple of days but suited the scene perfectly.

Beaches and beaches of Sea Lions. Ugly and cute all at the same time.
My sick bonnet.
Pumpkin Pie sorts out all sicknesses.
And then at San Samien we just had to check out William Hearsts Palace. Yes this classifys as a Palace. He created the nations largest newspaper chain including the New York Journal. Even people bought papers in the depression it seems!

What are we uncovering here...
Tapestries, fireplaces and paintings all collected by Hearst.
Main dining room where all meals were served. He could have up to 20 guests. There were 156 rooms on the premises.
Inside his private cinema.
The front of the main house. He had three other guest 'cottages'.
Art everywhere. Behind is one of the guest houses.
Neptune Pool.
Thinking he quite fits in - ha!
The indoor pool covered entirely with mosaics and gold leaf tiles.
I am so worried about this deleting again that I am going to do this in parts. Next post will be Santa Barbara to LA.

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