Monday, 8 October 2012

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival and the Gates - San Fran!

Both Grant and I have been here before so we were a bit unsure what to see in San Fran. But our prayers were answered before we arrived when we overheard someone saying that this weekend was the biggest weekend in San Fran with the Americas Cup, the Giants game, a massive air show AND a free three day Bluegrass festival held in the Golden Gate park - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. Decisions decisions - not really - we head to the festival.

After finding a not too hilly site to park for two days (almost impossible in SF) we head on in - and wow. With over 6 stages we are spoilt for choice. Over two days we listened to Red Baraat (a little Cat Empire like I guess), Guy Clark & Verlon Thompson (Veterans!), The Lumineers (I have never heard of them but had a massive crowd and seem to captured an audience - well worth checking them out), Cowboy Junkies (have never seen this guys but wow her voice is captivating), Glen Hansard (Irish red head who can belt out a tune - has played with Eddie Vedder and is currently with The Frames), Dwight Yokam (yee haa!) and Patti Smith who needs no introduction - she was unbelievable. Couldn't quite believe it was free - thank you to the gentleman who left a lot of money in his will to keep this going. What was also amazing was that everyone could bring their own grog and smoking material and no one was there to stop it. You would think that could cause some issues but everyone was really well behaved. Its amazing how humans act when they are given free will. Here are some pics (and a video that Grant insisted on including. May have had to be there - but we were in hysterics).

Chilling on the knoll watching Red Baraat.
Fighter jest overhead.. This went on all day. At one point we were listening to the Lumineers and a jumbo flew right over the top of us. It was a real American moment - ha!
He wont loose his mates.
The Lumineers.

Patti belting one out.
We also of course checked out the bridge which took us from Golden Gate Park, around the coast line into the harbour and over the Bridge.

A typical SF morning - where is it??
The amazing houses of Sea Cliff. This photo doesn't do justice to this incredible place.
It's beginning to feel a lot like Halloween...
And here she is as we creep up the side of the harbour

San Fran has yet again impressed us. Cool city.


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