Thursday, 25 October 2012

Joshua Tree NP

Love this place!! It's like nothing anywhere else on the world. Feels like you could be the only one living on the earth. No need for chatter here - I will let the pics do the talking.

No Joshua Trees yet - but look at these little plants.
Our camp spot for the night.
This is the unpleasant side of RV-ING. This is how you empty waste. Grant is very.multi tasked these days with use of all limbs.
A Joshua Tree!
Skull Rock.


The steep climb to Mt Ryan.
We haven't introduced this guy yet. He was won out of a machine in LA and now sits up proudly on the front dash. Introducing Elmorado.
Elmorado helping out in his share of the driving as we head over to Las Vegas.
We are now sitting in Las Vegas airport about to depart to NYC. Very excited to be heading over to the East Coast for a change of scenery. Catching up with a few mates over there so will be seeing you all soon! As for the rest of you - will make sure I keep our 3 weeks in NYC updated on here. Yey!

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  1. Guys looks like a great trip so far. Best of luck in NYC. Say hello to the Bald Eagle for me and hope you enjoy your stay