Friday, 19 October 2012

Passing the time...

As the great man Darryl Braithwaite once hollered "things don't seem to be like they used to the days go by". Basically our rat race now consists of the following activities.

1. Driving. I guess we are averaging 120km's per day. Generally split up to a few small drives daily to sight see and then one long drive (350km's+) every 4-5 days.

2. Reading. Jasmine has already read a carry on bag full of novels and just bought a stack load more. Everyone of 'em by some Picoult broad. Not sure what she writes about but she'd be loaded. I've read my way through 3 novels, all of which I'd highly recommend: bill brysons notes from a big country, jack kerouac's modern classic on the road and hunter s thompsons gonzo journalism epic, fear and loathing in las Vegas.

3. Puzzling. We crank out the old school entertainment as well. Both 750+ piece monsters capable of bringing out the best and worst of you.

4. Campsite snobbery. Finding the best spot for your afternoon and evening is a must. Waterviews generally the most sort after feature of this high flying couple.

5. Bath time. A humorous period usually between 8 or 9pm where we constantly bicker and argue for the top honour of who has used the LEAST amount of water after waiting for it to heat up for 10 minutes with the fitted flamethrower that is attached to our Sheila.

6. Afternoon treats and obligatory sundowner. I'm currently enjoying a snake river brewery pale ale, bought fresh from their brewery in Jackson, Wyoming. Jas a Napa Valley Pinot Noir or a G&T (although currently has a band on herself). Our favourite discovery on the snack front has been lime flavoured tostitos with fresh salsa.

7. Morning coffee. Can be hit and miss in the more rural areas but is great in all cities. As a flat white man I've worked out you've got to ask for an espresso in the smallest cup they've got and filled with warm milk.if the barista looks puzzled and says "you mean a latte", I just concede defeat and agree. Apparently I now drink latte's! I should also add that we take breakfast very seriously as well. Omelettes, some overpriced muesli Jasmine insists on buying with a rainbow of fruits and of course some serious pancakes.

8. Exercise. You have no choice in the US unless you want to sign up for channel 10s best rating program upon return. Jas much more diligent than myself though when I surf she's napping.

9. Reminisce. We often strike up a conversation about people, places and things we miss about home. Wouldn't swap our position for the world though. Holiday bliss. Everyday.

10. Talk talk tonsils hurt...

... and so do my fingers.


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