Tuesday, 16 October 2012

City of Angels

Wake up to a sparkling day which requires a surf just north of Malibu.

The view I got on my walk whilst Wearin thrashed around in the waves
Then it was time to roll into the outskirts of LA. Malibu seems like a good way to start. Forgot how dry and desert like it is along this coast. Beautiful in its own right though. Malibu is everything you imagine. Lots of big houses, cars, plastic enhancements and...sand?

Just north of Malibu. Desert by the sea.
Typical Malibu scene.
Well hi pup.
Malibu village.
This is not a luxury car sales yard - just Malibu village.
We keep heading south and before we know it we have parked Sheila on Santa Monica beach and we hit the bikes for some people watching.

The rollerblading disco at Venice Beach.
Skate Park at Venice
Can I play?
No one misses out on their individuality in Venice.
Santa Monica boardwalk
Very happy to display their stretchy bodies to the public viewing.
After a massive day we head to Anaheim in readiness for our day at Knotts Berry Farm thrill park. We were so excited the next day we ran from the car, to the tickets, to the rides. Being a Monday there were no lines and within 2 hours we'd been on every ride, many of them twice. Jas had to fight off a Harvey Drew after our over energy levels started to drop. She was bad enough to have to "tap out" a few rides from the end and like an over walked puppy refused anymore rides and sat their pale faced in a purely observatory capacity. My favourite ride was the ghost rider (wooden roller coaster even better than the bush beastie at old wonderland). Note to amusement park fiends, don't yell the old "my seatbelt" trick as you depart from the station as they don't appreciate it. Jas loved it though. The silver bullet was another great ride as your legs hang free as you twist, turn and flip at 110km/h. Highly recommend Knotts Berry to any kids at heart.

Yours truly in the front seat
After recovering from serious nausea - we head down to Huntington Beach to meet up with some special ladies from work back in Sydney. Was a little dubious about catching up with them because haven't drunk for 2.5 weeks and know it would be non negotiable with these two. Freshened up with swim before meeting the rascals. Great night with an obligatory Mexican feed and a late night on a Huntington balcony living the Californian dream.

The naughtiest.
Feel like we need another few days in LA but are coming back this way in Dec so there are a few things on my hit list...

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