Thursday, 18 October 2012

San Diego

Ready to leave the excess of LA we head down the the coast to San Diego. Along the way we stop in at the world famous "Trestle" surf break where Grant had his best surf of the trip. As you can see it was a sparkling day, a wetsuit was hardly required with this unusual warm current and warm air and the waves just kept rolling and rolling. I enjoyed viewing all the lovely Cali bodies coming in and out - of course no better than my husbands!

Spent a night here watching a fantastic sunset over the Pacific.

We are a bit pressed for time because we need to be in Vegas in a few days to get our flight to New York, so we have only allowed one day to see San Diego which I know is not enough. What better way to spend it than the world famous San Diego Zoo.

Had to get the reptiles out of the way first up.
The infamous rattler!
Separated at birth?
We saw a lot of this going on. Poor thing - there was 3 other males in with her and they were just playing tag team.
Not joking - this is THE turtle that ET was modelled off.
Red Panda - all time favourite animal. Maybe I do have a thing for red heads?
The Mountain Lion - he looked so cranky prowling back and forth.
These two were hilarious - being brothers they were chasing each other around and around, butting and wetting each other.
Grizzle chilling pretending that is a human limb.
Is that a human limb???
Last animal sight - the polar bear - great way to finish a great day.
Would love longer here because looks like a really pretty city but we have ourselves booked in for three nights at Palm Springs. Feels like we are going on a mini holiday.


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