Sunday, 11 November 2012

The tourist in us - NYC

Don't worry - this is my last blog on NYC (just got wifi back hence the bombardment!)

No exploration of a city is complete without seeing some of the tourist sites. We had a long list and surprisingly we managed to tick most of them off. This list does not include the museums and central park that have been covered in past posts.

Street performers.
9-11 memorial.
NY Stock Exchange
Charging Bull. Well... his members here.
Someone has to be public appropriate. .
St Paul's Churchyard
Manhattan viewed from Staten Island ferry.
Mrs Liberty in all her glory.
Staten Island Ferry.
Brooklyn Bridge.
Brooklyn Bridge.
No trip to NYC is complete with a showering of snow!
View from our apartment window.
Tompkins Square park.
This is not a tourist site that is for sure but just needed to share this with you. Literally just got our hot water back but this has been the sight every day. Snowing outside and a cold shower. I don't think so.
Ice skating star at the Rockefeller ice rink.
Late night movie shooting in West Village.
Is this what it looks like?
Yes that's right - off we head to a Knicks vs Mavericks basketball game at Madison Garden.
Nose bleed section but surprisingly good viewing.
Knicks won by more than 10 points. Great experience!
I a, not sure if this is a tourist site, but it sure interested us.
And of course a fashion photo shoot. Have seen many of these.
And that pretty much sums it up. Today we plan to go for a jog through Central Park to herald our two month diet before we roll home... Oh but then we are heading back to Eataly to eat all those goodies... So I guess the diet starts tomorrow. We then only have tomorrow left here and then it's a flight out on Tuesday morning back to Las Vegas where we plan to get straight back into Sheila (we miss you baby!) and then it's off to Grand Canyon followed by New Mexico. But a final word on New York.

New York, New York, New York - you have served us quite a feast on your big silver plate. A hurricane within the first few days, no electricity, hot water or public transport for many days and then a snow storm with very chilly weather! But then you have showed off with your amazing restaurants, parks, museums, shopping and architecture. What amazes us most though is the constant buzz and excitement that runs through your veins and if we were here any more days, you may have us addicted.

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