Saturday, 10 November 2012

Getting cultural in the Big Apple

To be honest our first few days in NYC were pretty unimpressive, but after Sandy blew through and things returned to normal, we understood what all the fuss was about this city. We have seen so much so are going to break it down for you. Let's start with the cultural side of things.


MET - the largest museum in USA. The building is impressive enough but then you add the European Masters, the passing Picasso exhibit, atiquities, music instruments, costumes, interiors from different eras and the list goes on. This is the classic museum of NYC.

Chilly little morning hence the tightness of this pose.
Photography exhibit to start...
Wearin familiarising himself with Mr. Picasso. .
The greats.
Oh Monet.
The Great Staircase.
View from the top of the MET.
It's a tad uncomfortable up here in 4c.
Buttocks in stone. Can it get any better?
One of the interiors captured at the MET.
Getting into the movement.
The next stop was Guggenheim. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, it is quite the architectural feast. Very strict on picture tacking here but we manged a few. Great black and white exhibition of Picassos here which was perfectly suited to this space.

Top view. Risked my life for this pic. Got into big trouble.
GW imitating art.
Something not on our must see list but was recommended by a mate, The Museum of Natural History. Wow - a wealth of information from the Universe to the Amazonians, to the undersea world to the world creatures (yes they were all real animals you see below) and much more. A must must visit.

Rose Center and Planetarium.
Yes they were 'real' animals.
Alaskan Brown Bears.
Night prowling wolves.
Evolution display.
Te massive hall of Ocean Life.
A mozzie sculpture... Can appreciate this as an Aussie.
A cross section of a Giant Sequoia.
Yes -apparently we used to look like this.
The Hall of Gems and Minerals.
Did somebody say sapphires?
The rare red diamond. This is one of the three largest in the world.
For a change from four walls, we checked out the Highline, a 1.6 km NYC park built on a section of the former elevated New York Central Railroad. Very cool.

The climb up from street level in Meat Packers.
Fantastic park that winds through the Meat Packing District.
This is quite the city and I know we have only seen a scrape of what it has to offer in terms of art.


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